July 27, 2021

Best Places to Live near Austin, TX…For Everyone!

Texas has seen such a surge of new residents over the past decade.  Cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin are among the fastest growing metro areas in the country, and that trend has accelerated in 2020.  The year of COVID has brought many restrictions in certain parts of the country, and people look to Texas as a haven from harshly enforced lockdowns.  That combined with it’s low cost of living and business-friendly policies makes Texas a great place to relocate for many people.

One of the fastest growing cities in Texas is Austin.  It’s a liberal city and a mostly conservative state, so residents from California and Washington have been flocking to Austin in big numbers.  But where is the best place to live in Austin?  Well that all depends on what your looking for!

Below you’ll find the best places to live in Austin TX, depending on what your looking for!

Best Place to Live in Austin for Families – Lost Creek

Lost Creek is a suburb of Austin located about 10 miles west of the center of the city.  What makes living in Lost Creek great for families is the public schools (rated 10/10 by Great Schools) and it’s safety.  It has a violent crime rate 56% below the national average.  Residing in Lost Creek doesn’t come cheap, as the median home value sits at $1.1M!

Most Affordable Place to Live near Austin – Thorndale

If you’re looking to live near Austin and not break the bank, Thorndale is a great option.  It’s median home value is $111K, making it the most affordable suburb in Austin for first time homebuyers.  It also has a low median rent at $1300 as well.  It is also a very secure area, with a crime rate 8% below the national average, making living in Thorndale, TX not just affordable, but safe also.

Best Place to Live and Commute to Austin – Rollingwood

If you’re looking to commute to Austin, TX, Rollingwood is your best option.  It’s located just 3 miles from city center, making it the closest suburb to Austin.  It also has great schools and low crimes rates.  Living in Rollingwood will cost you, though.  The median home value is $1.4M, and the median rent is $5,000.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a town near Austin that has what you’re looking for.  With great schools, an affordable cost of living, and tons of economic opportunity, Austin could be your next great living destination.  It’s no wonder this small Texas city is growing so quickly!

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