July 23, 2021

All You Should Know For Preparing A Fishing Trip To Thailand

Thailand offers the most magnificent fishing spots that one could ever imagine. Whenever someone goes on a tour to Thailand, going on a fishing tour is like a routine trip. Apart from the fishing tours, Thailand has a lot to offer, like the gorgeous beaches, amusing nightlife, or the country’s prosperous artistic heritage but its fishing tours propose an interesting unusual lifetime excitement that one must experience. 

Do You Need To Make A Booking For Your Thailand Fishing Holidays?

First things first, thinking of going on a trip you might ponder for that you require to make a booking before handed, but this not the case here. It is advisable to always head something out by yourself in a desolate location and fulfil all your desires by planning your day.

When Is The Best Season To Make A Fishing Trip To Thailand?

Thailand Fishing holidays are preferable throughout most of the year in Thailand. However, you should avoid the monsoon period and try to tour preceding or succeeding in the year. 

The winter months tend to give the most suitable opportunities.  December is another excellent time to visit as the weather is beautiful, and all kinds of fish are in season.

Best Fishing Spots In Thailand

  • Beautiful fishing park named Bungsamran

Bungsamran park is located in the east of Thailand and is the most attractive place to fish in Thailand. However, Bungsamran is an artificial lake, saddled with around 50 or more types of fishes. The fishes can be seen just by looking into the sea from the surface of the lake! You can also rent various needed for fishing which is an excellent convenience for backpackers.

  • Pattaya

It is a Thai German fishing tour for people looking for a superior Thailand fishing holiday. Along with touring all the nearby  islands of the Pattaya, It is going to be an wonderful experience and must enjoy the special fishing – deep – sea.  You will be provided with a boat to sail through a boat designed to catch  massive fish just like stingrays and barracuda. Furthermore, fishing at night time would be a great experience which is offered at Pattaya. 

  • Phuket – Chalong 

It will take at least 12-miles to cover the distance between  south Phuket to Koh Racha. Here, you’ll get to see   two distinct islands offering impressive coral bays, Luke warm waters, and a distinctive variety of fish. 

You can spend your day at  the Guzel, a 50′ which offers an affluent and stirring fishing experience. The most suitable time for fishing depends on that particular speciie you are targeting. If you want tuna, you should head out between November and April, and if you’re interested in Mahi Mahi, you shall visit Chalong in the summer.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Brush up your fishing skills and invest in some new fishing gear. Plan these best fishing trips and tours in Thailand as soon as possible and get your targeted fishes. 

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