July 23, 2021

10 Places To Visit In Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum… delightful coves, nature in its unique beauty, unique architecture, small fishing villages and bustling night to spend a memorable time in Turkey’s star always shining this resort town with life and good memories you need to visit in order to return 10 place we have listed for you.

1- Bodrum castle

St. Built on a small peninsula by the Knights of John in 1402, Bodrum Castle is famous for being one of the best preserved castles from the Middle Ages. The view of the towers in the castle overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea is absolutely breathtaking. The Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, which hosts unique underwater treasures and displays important finds such as the Uluburun Wreck and the Serçe Harbor Wreck, is also located within the Bodrum Castle.

2- Gumusluk

Gümüşlük, a small fishing town, is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Mydos. The view of the town overlooking Gümüşlük Bay and Rabbit Island is peaceful. The main reason why Gümüşlük is so popular is the fish restaurants located right by the sea, the most famous of which are Mimoza and Aquarium. If you get tired of eating seafood, you should definitely taste the meatballs in the village coffee. In the evening, you should turn your route to Limon Cafe, where the sunset is probably the best place in Bodrum.

  1. Yalikavak

Things to do in Yalıkavak, another popular beach town in Bodrum, are countless. You can have a delicious village breakfast at Mother Eve’s place, you can swim in one of the beach clubs, the most famous of which are Dodo, Xuma and Sebastian, and have fun with the music playing, in the evening at the beach or in Palmarina, which is considered one of the most marinas in the world. you can walk and shop. Of course, once you’ve gone all the way to Yalıkavak, you can’t go back without eating meatballs at Kavaklı Köftecisi in the bazaar.

  1. Bar Street

The entertainment continues in the cafes, pubs and bars in Bar Street, which is located in the center of the bazaar, until the morning. Of course, there are so many places that it is difficult to decide which one to go to. Chill out, chat with your friends, go to Cafe del Mar to sip your drinks while enjoying the view of Bodrum Castle, to Rock Tower City for rock music, and to Mandalin for live music. One should not miss the oldest bars of Bodrum, Körfez Bar and Adamik. The closing of the night should be done in Mavi as it is now a tradition.

5- Göltürkbükü

Turkey St. It consists of Göltürkbükü, Gölköy and Türkbükü neighborhoods, which we can call a Tropez. There are many luxury hotels and villas in Göltürkbükü, a natural and safe harbor for yachts, and many beach clubs and stylish restaurants along the coast. During the summer months, the town is flooded by many celebrities from models to TV series actors, pop stars to athletes. Also this place is very popular destination for Bodrum jeep safari tours.

6- Bodrum Marina

You do not have to have a boat to go to Bodrum Marina, one of the most prestigious of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with its 450 yacht capacity and location in the city center. Because there are many famous shops where you can shop throughout the day, as well as many cafes and restaurants. The marina even has a gym and an art gallery. The most interesting part of the marina is definitely the Marina Yacht Club, where you can have fun at night with live music in a stylish environment.

7- Akyarlar

If you want to see a real Aegean town, you should definitely go to Akyarlar, one of the quietest but most impressive places in Bodrum, with its sandy beach, turquoise sea and stone houses from the Greeks along the coast. Akyarlar, which is about 20 km from the center and can be reached by winding roads, is one of the best spots to windsurf in Bodrum due to the wind it receives. While you are gone, do not neglect to eat and drink in one of the small restaurants on the beach, overlooking the Greek island of Kos. You can also do Bodrum horse riding activity.

8- Bitez

Bitez, which is the subject of the famous “Çökertme” song, is located only 4 km from the center of Bodrum and attracts great attention especially in the summer months with its blue flag beaches, green areas, hotels and restaurants. Famous bars of Gümbet, which is the most popular place for British tourists in Bodrum, are also within walking distance of Bitez.

9- Bodrum Bays

Thanks to its indented geography, when you go to Bodrum, which has numerous dream-like bays to the north, west and south, if you return without visiting at least a few of these bays, do not consider yourself to be in Bodrum. You can do this with your private yacht, you can also rent a boat for a few days of blue cruise or join the daily tours of the tourist boats. If possible, take a swimming break in Cennet Bay, Aquarium Bay and Poyraz Port where you will be full of turquoise. Also you can join daily Bodrum boat trip.

10- Bodrum Antique Theater

Bodrum Ancient Theater, one of the oldest theaters in Anatolia, was built in BC. It was built in the 4th century. Having a wonderful view of Bodrum and Bodrum Castle from the top, the theater with a capacity of 13,000 spectators, various concerts as well as many festivals are organized. Before your trip to Bodrum, be sure to follow the concert programs and enjoy the music in this theater that has witnessed the past of Bodrum for centuries.



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