July 27, 2021

Tour to Turkey: Your Best Chances

To travel to Turkey, any time of the year is suitable to enjoy the many attractions that this country has to offer. Each season of the year behaves differently in the different regions, so we recommend:

  • Visit the southern area and Istanbul during the months of March and October. In this area, the average annual temperature reaches 27 ºC. However, it is usually a hot region during the summer.
  • Similarly, the best time to visit the interior and the Anatolian plateau is between April and June. This is because the temperatures are considerably warm, but not unbearable.
  • The months of July and September are hands down the best for visiting eastern Turkey.
  • Also, for those who visit the coastal region of the Black Sea, it is convenient to travel between the months of April and September. In this season the months are relatively less rainy. Likewise, in the winter the average temperatures obtained are 6 ºC.

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey

If you want to know Turkey, the idea is that you have a pleasant and cheap trip. A plane ticket that meets these characteristics; sometimes, it is difficult to be both at the same time.

If you are traveling from Europe, most of the flights to Turkey go to Istanbul. Turkish Airlines is one of the cheapest and most recognized airlines that carry out this type of intercontinental travel.

The average cost for a 7-day trip to Istanbul that includes airfare, visa, accommodation, travel insurance, transportation and food is $ 500 per person. This budget will vary depending on the destination. Visit https://madeinturkeytours.com/ for the best tours available.

How much does the visa cost to enter Turkey?

Per person, the Turkish visa has a cost between 15 and 20 euros. This can be paid directly at the airport or through the electronic visa system on its official website.


As for accommodation, the options are very diverse so finding a hotel in Turkey will not be difficult. In Istanbul, the average cost of three-star hotels for two adults, with a private bathroom and breakfast included is $ 30 per night.

The more than 54 hotels with these characteristics are located approximately 10 kilometers from the city; with, an excellent location of the main tourist sites of the city.


Food in Turkey, in particular Istanbul has three prices. This is the simple, medium and large dish. The base cost is that of the single plate, the medium plate costs double and the large one triple the base price. Generally, you can spend between $ 15 and $ 20 per person per day on food.


Istanbul, there are two types of tickets for public transport: bus tokens.


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