July 27, 2021

Feel The Incredible Surfing Experience Via Costa Rica Surf Trip

Do you love surfing? Searching for the best place to surf? Then Costa Rica is the right choice for you. In general, Costa Rica is one of the best and most popular surf destinations in the world. Those who are having the dream of getting an extraordinary surfing experience can visit there. Sure you can feel the magical experience and there is a lot of special moments that make this place very unique. This Surf Costa Rica can provide consistent waves regularly, warm water, more option of surf sports and much more.

Top notch impacts:

This spot is kind of welcoming people from all over the region. Hence, people, who have an interest in surfing can come here for surf trips at least one in their lifetime. This is located in Central America, the safest country to travel which is attracting more than 1000 surfers per year. Keep on the surfers are visiting here to do surfing along with enjoying nature, ocean and “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Pura Vida means pure life in the local language.

Features of Costa Rica:

Costa Rica may be created by God to be the best destination to surf. This faces both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which regularly guarantee the different types of breaks and consistent swells. Here you can able to often explore point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks. Those will come under the walking distance within each other. It is the main reason that, even though you are a beginner, still you can find your right wave and can do surfing. The advance surfer can grab notch benefits out here. Therefore, going on a Costa Rica surf trip is one of the best choices you can become a great surfer. Sure you will get a new experience in your life which you could not get it from anywhere.

Best seasons to surf in Costa Rica:

Two seasons are best for surfing in this spot without any issues. Those seasons are wet season (May to November) and dry season (December to April).

  • Wet season (May to November)

This is the low season. In this season, the waves will be bigger than 5 to 10 feet, whereas the price will be lower. This is the added advantage of the Costa Rica Surf Sports Trip for experienced surfers who want to enjoy a lot. Sometimes rain may be there for 1 to 2 hours and roads will be flooded at that time, it is the only downside of this season.

  • Dry season (December to April)

This is the high season and also this season is the best and most comfortable time for the Costa Rica surf trip. In this season, the waves will not bigger than 3 to 6 feet but much cleaner, whereas the price will be higher. This season is best for beginners mostly since the waves are not much big.

There are a lot of luxury resorts are available here. If you are with your family, then you can stay there and relax and enjoy the trip.

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