3 Trending Styles You Should Choose for Your Medium Hair in 2018

Not only the short hairstyles, 2018 hair trends medium are also known to have a lot of choices available. For you who always try to follow the latest trends in style, knowing about the latest hairstyles that are perfect for medium length hair in 2018 might be very helpful. This is quite effective in giving you a hand in order to leave the late 2015 hairstyle you have been wearing and replace it with something fresh and new. To give you inspirations, here are the most trending medium styles you can consider from

Layered Bob
The first one is layered bob. This style is actually not so different from the old layered bob. However, this is far better than the neat bob. It seems most hairstyles suggested more as trends in the year of 2018 commonly have that messy accents. This kind of hairstyle might need a bit styling but of course there is no need to worry since it is not the too complicated one.

Curly Hairstyle
Next year, curly hairstyle is also predicted to be trending again. In a more specific explanation, it is suggested more to pick by those who have medium hair length. As long as you can pick the right density and texture for this hairstyle, it is so certain that the gorgeous look will be yours. One good thing about this is that this can be a perfect choice for almost hair types.
The example of curly hairstyle suitable more for 2018 hair trends medium is called as persistent curls. Just like the layered bob, this one also has that messy impression even if it is quite different. A braver choice to be considered as well is afro curls.

Messy Hairstyle
The last but not least example of 2018 hair trends medium is the real messy hairstyle. Unlike the other two mentioned earlier, this one does not only use messy accents anymore because messy is actually the main look it gives. Messy grunge hairstyle is the first one can be recommended to you here. Other than this, there is also messy hairstyle that is featured with electric shock accents. These may give you a surprise but it is true that the electric shock look is often used in this recent time, especially in big runways. Of course, this look is not obtained by shocking you with real electricity but by performing certain hairstyling technique. That is why bit learning might be needed.