Attractions at the Railay Beach Krabi Thailand

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand is a small peninsula that has four beaches and kinds of other attractions to enjoy. It is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand with serenity and different atmosphere. In the single small peninsula, the tourists can enjoy four beaches with their white sands, viewpoints, limestone cliffs, hidden lagoon inside the cliffs and caves. The peninsula is only accessible by longtail boats through the sea and all visitors should reach all of the features by foot because there is no road and car on the peninsula. It is a perfect adventurous place then.

The Four Beaches

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand has four beautiful beaches such as Railay West, Railay East, Tonsai and Ao Phra Nang or also called Princess Bay. All of the beaches can only be accessed from the sea because the locations are between the high limestone cliffs. The most favorite and beautiful beach is the Railay West. It offers soft white sands, the impressive beauty of the sea, beach restaurants, and travelers’ community that love being on the island. For those who want to enjoy the nightlife, Railay East is the best beach to see although it is slightly trough. It is possible to reach all beaches on foot through the jungles.

Tham Phra Nang Nokor Princess Cave

Princess Cave is situated near the Princess Bay’s eastern end. The bay features two caves with decorative items such as offerings, wooden phallic symbols and other things that symbolize fertility. Those caves are only about 3-4 meters deep. It is commonly used by fishermen since the ancient time. They put offerings for the mythical sea princess who is believed living in the cave. They hope the sea princess can protect them from dangers and give them success in fishing.

Rock Climbing

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand is a popular rock climbing destination in the southern Thailand. The rock climbing uses French grading from 5a-8c routes. The most popular and favorite rock climbing spots are on the headland among Railay East harbor and Ao Phra Nang. It provides climbing spots for beginners and expert climbers. For those who are trying to learn about rock climbing, there are many guides at the resorts and bungalows, ready to ask for rock climbing lessons. Besides, the rock climbing gears are also completely rented.

Enjoying lazy time on a serene island must be perfect to refresh your mind from the busy work days. Plan your trip to the tranquil Railay Beach Krabi Thailand. Fly to Bangkok Thailand by firstly book the ticket through Airpaz, so you can get many options of flight with best price options too.


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