SimCity Buildit Tips – Worry about your constituents

SimCity BuildIt

If there is anything in this new Sim City, it is information, lots of information about what people in our city think. Through layered maps and colorful graphics we are able to know everything that is cooked in our city, and to act accordingly. Through these graphs we can see where there is more crime, where the neighbors become more ill, what kind of education is being taught in a certain neighborhood and its success.

We can also know if public transport is sufficient in certain neighborhoods or if there are high levels of crime in certain areas, such as those close to the game centers. It is almost infinite information that this new Sim City offers us, and it is of vital help to take our city in the right direction. Also through very visual graphs in the form of red, yellow or green smileys, we will be able to know if our neighbors are really happy with us or else they are planning to vote for another in the following elections.

And it is that in Sim City we can do that to lower our feet to the earth and to know firsthand what it is that the inhabitants of our city think. If we zoom into the game chamber, we can approach the sidewalks of our big avenues or residential neighborhoods. Clicking on each of the thousands of pedestrians and even drivers will know exactly what goes through their heads.

Also we will meet with SimCity BuildIt Hack that propose us small personal projects, that would make them much illusion excited in seeing them to become reality. These projects can be as disparate as bringing your Big Ben, the Brandenburg Gate and even the Giralda itself to your city. Some even dare to pay us money to allow to set up a party of the fifteen all night in exchange for that nobody annoys to them.

And this money can come very well if the municipal coffers are stiff. At SimCity we have the possibility to issue debt in order to pay our bills. Also and as it is customary we can always resort to raising taxes. But you have to be careful, because if our population is not rich enough you will be forced to leave their homes. These houses will be abandoned, the fires and looting will begin to spread throughout the city.