2 Cheap Hotel in Bandung Lembang

Lembang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bandung. If the weekend, this area is often used as the main choice of residents of Jakarta and surrounding areas to calm down after a week long busy on the move.

Making Lembang as a tour choice is not wrong. The reason, this area has a variety of tours that can be enjoyed by tourists. Not only the natural attractions are amazing, culinary tourism in this region was very tempting.

Because it is located in a mountainous area, nature tourism in Lembang offers a beautiful panorama and cool air. Here, tourists can visit Mount Tangkuban Perahu, one of the tourism mascot of West Java. In addition, there is also Dusun Bambu Lembang, and Grafika Cikole Lembang which is a forest conservation area.

For families, there is Kampung Gajah Wonderland, an integrated tourism area that has the concept of one stop holiday. In addition, there is also D’Ranch, which has a large acreage with beautiful landscapes and equipped with restaurant facilities and souvenir shopping.

Meanwhile, culinary tour in Lembang presented in Kampung Daun. This place offers a natural gallery concept integrated with cafe (cafe and culture gallery). In addition, there is Floating Market Lembang, a floating market on the lake or situ as a center of activity.

With the variety of tours on offer, the holiday to Lembang is not enough just a day. Therefore, in Lembang has established many inns, especially the model hotels, guest houses, and villas with medium to high rates. However, that does not mean there is no lodging with cheap rates of classmates in the region. Here are some cheap hotel Rp100 thousands in Lembang.

1. Chez Bon Hostel @ Braga – Jl. Braga No.45, Bandung

chezbon hostel

The hostel is owned by Mr. Bondan Winarno, the pioneer of culinary review archipelago? This uniquely styled hostel with an antique interior is located in one of the most historic areas in Bandung, namely Jalan Braga. When the Klikhotel team visits this hostel, wow …. so very recommended to be your choice of backpacker-style travelers. In addition to the location is very strategic that earlier, at Chez Bon Hostel also you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the lobby area equipped with books and reading Wi-Fi Internet connection is quite adequate. So what are you waiting for? =), aldo read hotel murah di Bandung Lembang

2. Gado Gadu Hostels @ Pasirkaliki – Jl. Belakang Pasar No.111 

Gado Gadu This hostel is the first hidden gems found by the Klikhotel team. From the direction of Pasteur, towards Pasirkaliki, after you pass the Hyper Square on the right side of the road, in front of a red light. About 100 meters after the red light, turn right deh enter Jl. Back Market. The location can be fairly central to the city, and cozy and fragrant hostel. His name was easy to remember, Gado Gadu, like the name of one of Bandung’s typical food